Response to an Uneducated, Urdu-Speaking Sissy Who Was Down-Right Negative-Negative

He’s not a sissy because he is uneducated or Urdu-speaking. He’s a sissy because he tried to make me feel bad for expressing myself on the internet and ended up making my loved ones feel bad instead. I can handle negative treatment towards myself, but I will not tolerate anyone hurting my parents or siblings.

On to the prose.

I thank God for granting me a brain that is almost-always so slow (especially in comprehending people’s sub-textually mean/ condescending comments).

I consider myself quite ept at picking up on some things around me, but very slow in doing so on others. I know and accept (if not love) that about myself.

Understanding some encounters, comments or conversations slowly allows me to properly process how I want to respond to those (of the aforementioned) that are downright negative-negative.

They literally radiate negative energy and ’Tis those very words or actions that my brain takes it’s sweet time in understanding.

You know those sissies who say or even just suggest snide things to hurt you or your loved ones?

This is in response to one of them I encountered when my dad took me to Pakistan for the first time after my manic episode (so I could better recover).

Our ancestral home is in a rural mountainous place that is considered by some to be Heaven on Earth because of it’s marvelous beauty.

And my parents thought a fortnight-long visit to the Hills would benefit my mental health more than staying locked up in my room (in Dubai) and staring at the ceiling was-

Didn’t work.

The vibe I got from people over there only quickened the onset of the following depressive episode.

Nonetheless, I’m well and all-healed now. That’s all that matters. Let’s get back to the story.

An insecure fool (who may or may not have been some distant uncle who fervently dislikes & feels uncomfortable by our existence anyways) said to me in a very sub-textually condescending manner;

“If you did write on Facebook, then you could’ve at least written in Urdu (so we’d understand too).”

Well, genius.

If I wanted you to understand what I was writing, then yes. I would’ve surely written my thoughts out in Urdu.

It’s not like I don’t know how to write Urdu. I do Alhamdulillah and Urdu keyboards and auto-correct have only made doing so easier.

For those of you that are new to my timeline:

I actually discovered my passion for writing when I became manic in 2018 and wrote away whatever I wanted to with absolutely no filters. Although that sharing got too extreme to be comfortably read by some, I’m glad it happened for I really wouldn’t have realized how much I love writing publicly otherwise.

So yep.

I advise anyone (who doesn’t read or understand English) interested in deciphering my writing to either get some other person to help (maybe your educated wife, uncle (ahem ahem)) or use U-Dictionary.

I found out about it on YouTube. I haven’t ever used it, but sponsored YouTubers claim it’s very useful.

Then again-

They’re paid to say that, so I suggest you try it out and decide whether it really is useful or not for yourself.




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Amina Rashid

Amina Rashid

I mainly write on my profile @aminarashid2005 on FB & IG. Topics include Self, Life, Relationships, Mental Illness, Culture, Society, Well-being, Education etc.